Edinburgh - day 2 tour blug

I booked this gig at the Wee Folk Club ages ago, thinking it would be our last gig in Edinburgh and that we would then have 2 days off to relax and explore. Of course, I immediately over-committed to catching up with friends and doing some radio appearances — which I ended up having to cancel because I just couldn’t manage to travel to them without taking out a huge chunk of the day, and I’m still feeling guilty about that because 
  1.  I never cancel things and 
  2. I missed catching up with those radio friends and 
  3. it was obviously a dumb business move to not do a radio and podcast, but, after 10 shows in 8 days I was more concerned about my mental health than my career.

Is that the struggle of everyone? Mental health v career? And then, of course, my family, whom I have been doing a very good job of ignoring since I flew out on January 27. I know we’ve been slammed with travel, but I have surprised myself with not actually needing to check in with the babies. They are in great hands, and I will see them soon. Mommy is on a work trip, and they need to understand that Mommy’s job is important. As is her mental health, lest she start talking in the third person on her blog …


It’s just delightful. We stayed with the magical Marianne and John in their guest rooms and slept wonderfully. Thick buttered and cheesed toast for breakfast gave us a boost and we departed Leith for an early check-in to our hotel.

David (my perfect husband) is the kindest person ever and most thoughtful, and, knowing that after 11 days of traveling and non-stop shows and non-stop staying with hosts that we might want a bit of space and luxury, he used his travel points to get us a fancy room at the Sheraton Grand Hotel. 

And our room was THE BEST ROOM IN THE HOTEL: the CASTLE SUITE. Literally, it was on the top floor, the floor with the Club Lounge and on the door hung a sign that said, "Castle Suite," and i felt kind of sorry for the people staying in the room directly across from us who had to see that sign every time they left their mere “Room 730.” 

Thanks, David — that was a real treat. 

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