Laundry is saving my sanity.

Family pic that has nothing to do with laundry,
but aren't they all just delicious?
Laundry. I'm going a little bonkers after weeks of solo parenting and a (very-part-time) nanny who clocked out on August 1, but my savior, oddly, is laundry.

You see, for a few months we had someone living in the basement. She babysat several hours a week in exchange for room and board and I was able to, like, finish my record and take the occasional mental health break. But it also meant that my access to the basement -- aka the Laundry Room -- was limited.

This turned out to be a most excellent problem because it forced ROUTINE on my household duties. We agreed that I would only do laundry on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

It turns out that when you do laundry every 7 days, you suddenly: 

1) don't have a gigantic pile of clothes all over your floor/crib/treadmill/guest bed/dog crate/bathroom closet.

2) have all your clothes clean at once

3) realize you own WAY more clothes than you need because you keep going back to those same cute underwear with the vintage bicycle print

4) realize you aren't nearly as minimalist as you though

5) can purge your closet and dresser

6) can purge your children's closets and dressers (because they don't need 30 t-shirts either!!!)

7) suddenly have WAY more room and WAY less clutter.

I used to be in favor of owning enough underwear to avoid laundry as long as possible. Now, I'm all about 14 pairs of underwear TOPS -- and only because you might go out of town or, as every woman knows, you have to have some icky period underwear just in case.

Anyway, hot tip, people: Laundry. Once a week. That's it. And get rid of most of your clothes. Except the cute bicycle underwear.

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