Personal life updates & potty-training a 23-month-old

Proof that I am not a perfect parent.
Proud parent post: Angus has decided to wear underwear!!! I was afraid of potty-training because Graham pretty much trained himself. Angus had started showing signs recently -- like disappearing in a corner to poop or letting me know he was peeing -- and I decided to get out the little toddler potty. Then I just put him on it and he went. And now whenever you put him on the potty, he goes. So I just started putting him on all the time, and now he tells me. It's magical, and I ask no questions.

Now, remember, if you are a parent who is hating me right now, know that 1) that's not healthy and 2) I probably hated you (also not healthy) when you announced that your child sleeps through the night or when you complained that your kid was up twice last night, when I'm, like, omg twice a night is the dream.

But enough hating -- that's not healthy, right?

Trying to focus on gratitude and positivity, and I am so grateful for this new phase of childhood. The weight off my shoulders that I didn't even know was there -- the freedom to not pack a diaper bag. The ability to give away all the cloth diapers that live on a table that can now display flowers instead of wipes ... gah!!!! I'm so excited, people.

Other life updates: Mom has started a new kind of chemotherapy, and she had her second round of treatment earlier this week. She's also going to be around for Angus's 2nd birthday, which is huge! I remember this time last year crossing our fingers that she would make it to his 1st.

Angus turns two in 2 weeks!

I, like a great mother, took a gig in Nashville on his actual birthday (judge away, people), so festivities will have to be delayed till the weekend. I guess I should maybe, like, plan a party or something.

Please enjoy this sweet video of big brother reading bedtime stories to little brother.

Also, today 3/1, at 2pm, I'll be on Kyle Meredith's radio who on
And Saturday 3/3, I'll be at Uncommon Ground in Chicago opening for John Whitaker, who has a new album out!

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