Re-entry is hard.

I'm so behind in tour blogs and videos! I have drafts of several to post, but felt like they deserved at least a little editing. I refuse to let them drift away into the dust and irrelevancy, like the hundreds of clips that are sitting on a FlipCam from 2008 from when Peter and I went to the UK for the first time. Here's a throwback to that trip, which was SO MUCH FUN:

Usually I'm pretty good about re-entry. It's the exit that proves difficult for me -- I'm constantly flitting about making sure I have every little adapter and merch and cable and instrument packed, while balancing a baby attached to my leg and a hungry 5-year-old whose goggles are missing. It's hard to just go out to a gig. Coming home is generally easier because the gig is over and MOMMY'S HOME!

This time, however, I was gone for two weeks. I played at least one show a day -- often two or a radio appearance -- and it was FANTASTIC. Steve and I had a blast. We didn't fight, and I'm pretty sure he only got annoyed with me when I told him he got too close to the parked cars or when I reminded him to look right first on a roundabout, which I suppose I did daily, but, hey, we are still alive, right?

Anyway, being gone for two weeks got me in this groove -- a groove I'd forgotten I had in me. It was wonderful. I barely thought about the kids for the first week (not supposed to admit that, I know, but hey, I'm nothing if not honest), and it was amazing to be sharing my art with the world.

Someone asked me early in my career what my goal was. It was always fairly straightforward: I want to travel the world, singing songs I wrote for people who care and provide them with a smile.

I got to do that for two straight weeks, and it was perfect.

Coming home was a challenge. I got in bed around midnight after flying all day, and David left the house to catch his plane at 5am. I was back into solo parenting straight away, and I was TIRED. I have three more weeks of this, however, until our au pair arrives!!

I cannot begin to explain how excited I am to have another member of the family -- an auntie for the boys, a co-parent for me, a friend, and a helping hand with the kiddos.

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