Sid Griffin show on Sunday Sept 10.

Louisville! I am playing a public show on Sunday, September 10 at Monnik (in Germantown at the old Zeppelin aka the old Heitzman Bakery). I am just the opener an am playing a 45-minute set as a solo — but it’s likely that Dennis Ledford will be playing some guitar with me. No full band because I don’t want to upstage the main act in terms of band members … and the main act is Sid Griffin. 

I first met Sid maybe 15 years ago, when I was first starting out in the Louisville music scene, and he came to town an played the Rudyard Kipling every couple of years. It’s now turned into TEN years since he’s played here because he has lived in London for ages. 

You know I have a problem with attachment to the United Kingdom. I can’t really explain why, but somehow the country is in my DNA, and I just get that magic feeling every time I touchdown on the island. On my last few England/Scotland tours, I’ve seen Sid’s name but never managed to connect — his current band, The Coal Porters, played Edinburgh the week before I was there, or he had a London gig the same night I did. Something always prevented our catching up on anything besides The Twitter.

But he’s an Americana legend — full of stories, songs, brushes with celebrity, and more. 

I’m looking forward to to this show because 
  • I’m playing mostly solo, so I can try out new stuff.  
  • Monnik has re-done the upstairs venue, and I can’t wait to see what it’s like. Louisville could really use a nice 100-person room.
  • I get to hear Sid play, and that’s a guaranteed good concert. He’s also got Danny Kiely on bass and Allison Summers on violin, and I’ll be sitting in on accordion on some tunes as well.
  • IT’S AN EARLY SHOW! Doors at 6:30. I play 7:00-7:45.
  • Advance tickets are $12. They are $15 at the door. Or if you’re British, it’s $15 “on the door.” 

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