The Wee Boy's Commercial

I don't normally advertise for other companies, but the folks at Republic Bank have always been kind and easy to work with and I love a local business. Also, look how adorable my wee boy is!


Wanna buy…

First visit to Telluride - Original Thinkers

Greetings from Telluride, Colorado! Though I’ve been to many other mountain towns in this beautiful state, I’ve never been here before, though I’ve never visited Telluride. I’m here this weekend to be a part of and perform at the Original…

Death parties and stuff

My mother died last week. That is maybe craziest sentence I've ever had to write, and I am still in that numb, weird part of grief. It's extra weird because the initial gut punch came with her diagnosis in November…

Painting your own house.

The photo above is of my parents' dining room, and it encompasses everything I adore about my mother. This was my normal. I never heard the concept "everything has a place," until spending time with David's family, who keeps a…

A little preoccupied

I've tried to keep this blog from becoming a both-my-parents-have-cancer sobfest. I have jolly good vlogs and blogs from Bavaria to share! But my mind has been focused on my mother lately, so if you need updates and musings or…

New band merch: re-usable straws!

Confession: I don't own a CD player.

That said, I still buy CDs at live shows. I always support bands' PledgeMusic or Kickstarter campaigns, etc, but when that CD arrives, it goes into a box of mostly unopened CDs. I'm…

Rejecting single stories and singing to the future.

Ah, a theatre full of brilliant teenagers -- maybe my favorite kind audience! Last night I played at Northern Kentucky University to a full house in their Greaves Concert Hall. The crowd was the Governor's Scholars Program, and I was…

Road trip adventures & a send-off show!

It's been 2 weeks! We've had some adventures in that time -- some amazingly fun and some not so fun (tell you about that another time). Kansas City called, and we enjoyed a few days in a very fancy hotel…

Updates on life with an au pair.

Update on life with an au pair. It's fantastic, and after having joined a Facebook group for host families, I am now well-aware that there are terrible au pairs out there who make their families' lives more difficult. To be…