A Christmas Carol ... in your home!

I have seen and heard A Christmas Carol in many forms over the years, but never in such an intimate yet professional style. Their timing, clarity, facial expressions, and movements made me laugh out loud, brought tears to my eyes, inspired, and entertained me. What an unforgettable evening. Thank you!” - Attendee
To see a performance from feet away in a living room was next level! Their beautiful ability to tell a story while committing to creating such specific characters, playing millions of characters each, while never missing a beat is astounding. They seriously do so much to give all the production value of a full production, with so little. It’s very cool.If you are given the chance to see one of these few home performances, get there! ” - Attendee
Louisville is gifted with a host of good Shakespearean actors and the Maupins have always been somewhere at the top of that pyramid.” - ArtsLouisville.com
Christmas Carol House Concert Style Theater Theatre in your home Louisville Rannygazoo

Wingback Productions 2024 presents…

April/May: The Clubhouse Turn
October:  The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
Nov/December: A Christmas Carol

Looking for the perfect, unique event for your gathering for 2024? Derby? Halloween? 

Information about A CHRISTMAS CAROL (booking now – we'll fill up early!):

Abigail Bailey Maupin and Gregory Maupin, beloved Louisville actors, musicians, writers, and all-round entertainers, performing the Dickens Christmas Classic as a House-Concert-Style-theatre during Holiday Season 2023. It was a rousing success and 2024 is quickly booking up!

You've seen Gregory Maupin starring as Scrooge in Actors Theatre of Louisville's many performances of A Christmas Carol, and now you can have a professional-quality show from the comfort of your home.

If you'd like to book a performance of A Christmas Carol ... In Your Home, please email WingbackProductions@gmail.com .

Production Information:

Running Time:    approximately 65 minutes
Actors:                   Gregory Maupin, Abigail Bailey Maupin
Props:                    Production will supply minimal props; actors need 7x7 area (could be in front of fireplace, in a corner, wherever you'd imagine a storyteller sitting in a cozy chair telling a story to the crowd)
Cost:                       $1200-$1500 guarantee for the Living Room model. (If you're looking to host this at your church or larger event space, let's talk.)
Add-ons include: Post-theatre Christmas Caroling ($250) or Living Room Rannygazoo concert ($250)

How does this work?

You book A Christmas Carol ... In Your Home for a specific date. Invite your guests and host your holiday party. But be sure to let your guests know the unique nature of your party: that great entertainment will begin promptly at _____ and last for about 65 minutes. 

Timeline of a sample evening:

Invitation says, “Doors at 6, theatre at 7.”  

6:00 Guests begin to arrive and mingle. Cocktails and snacks — potluck events are nice, but some hosts like to provide their own munchies.  

7:00 Host announces that the performance will begin soon, and people should use the bathroom and then find a seat.

7:10-8:15 A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens 

8:30 Host reminds people to make their suggested donations (skip this step if the host is paying for entertainment themselves!) 

General merriment ensues!



My house?! Yes! It's a time-honored tradition -- hosting traveling artists. Clear out large furniture from your living room, and bring in every chair in your house. Guests will gather around the actors to experience storytelling at its finest, up close and personal. Other options: your neighborhood/HOA clubhouse, a library, your restaurant, your friend with a bigger house, your condo building's party room ... we are open to your venue ideas!

What does this cost? The actors need a guarantee for their time, dramaturgy, rehearsals, props, and lifetime of experience of course. Scroll down to read more about the cost.

How many people should I invite? This depends on how many can fit in your living room/deck/finished basement/game room ... typical house concerts and home theatre events are between 25-50 guests. Some guests sit on the floor, others on a couch, still others on folding chairs, and then there are always the standers who can't sit still and love to have easy bathroom or snack access.

What's in it for the guests? A feel-good, magical experience unlike any theatre they've attended. They get to talk with the actors before/after the show. They see the play unfolding before them without special effects or lights -- just theatre as it's been done for centuries. It'll be a Holiday Party they will talk about for years to come.

When should I book? NOW. These are full-time, professional actors who have performed this story for thousands of people, and we expect it to sell out a year in advance. Book now.


more about gregory & Abigail... and inquiries

Cost: The cost is $1200-1500 guarantee, with 50% payable in advance. 

The guarantee includes the performance, set-up, breakdown, travel time, and of course, having two professional actors as your most charming party guests. If you'd like a few musical numbers before or after the theatre, as The Maupins also perform as a vintage duo, Rannygazoo, and we could work out a musical performance for an additional fee.

Some hosts choose to pay for the production themselves, assuming it as part of their party budget. 

Other hosts will crowdsource the funds and treat the evening more like a house concert. You can read more about House Concerts here, but basically, this means the guests pay a suggested donation that would total up to the $1200-1500 guarantee. (For example, a $30/person suggested donation for this professional show)

Some hosts will pass a hat among their guests or, more likely, will collect Paypal/Venmo funds in advance to make sure the actors get paid their minimum fee. In this case, you would make clear on your invitation that you're hosting a special event, set the ticket pricing yourself, and let your guests know that they are paying to attend a professional theatre show ... with award-winning actors ... and the actor who played Scrooge at ATL the last few years ... in your home.