Brigid's storytelling parallels her music as a compelling example for how life layers meaning and inspiration. The students appreciated hearing how her life mixes passions, responsibilities, advocacy, and expression. We will welcome her back to our stage.” - B. Orthel

— Administrator, Kentucky Governor's Scholars

Brigid has found a unique way to use her talents to engage people with music in ways they have likely never experienced before. She combines masterful musical skill and improvisation with humor and wit to showcase the relationship we have with music and how we interact with it. ” - P. Delaney

— Kentucky Governor's Scholars Staff Member

In many ways, listening to Brigid was like a breath of fresh air. Her unique sound paired with her authentic personality and lyricism made for an incredible performance!” - A. Deeb

— Kentucky Governor's Scholars Staff Member

Years of touring & telling stories at house concerts & folk clubs, along with hosting radio programs and emceeing galas, has made Brigid a well-loved speaker at events. From youth leadership conferences to corporate events, Brigid offers a different perspective than your typical convocation guest. 

Topics include:

  • Agile Methodology for Creatives
  • The Voyage of Discovery: Developing New Eyes
  • The Underdog
  • Creativity through Songwriting (no musical ability required!)
  • Memoir-based Inspirational speaking & song.

One-on-One Artist Coaching

After devoting countless hours to offering career advice, written strategies, and branding-suggestions to friends, I'm finally offering the same services on my website. Talent isn't enough in this ridiculous business; you need infrastructure to back it up. I can help you understand what parts of the BUSINESS-aspect to focus on, so that you set appropriate goals and meet them in good time.

I've run a successful LLC for almost twenty years, focused solely on music. I love creative business strategies, but I don't love giving away my hard-earned knowledge for free. Let's work together! I'm happy to help others streamline the business part of their music, help you organize your workload, work-life balance (ha!), and focus on what you need to be focusing on in your career.
Email me: brigid @ brigidkaelin .com and let's Zoom!