COVID-19 has obviously changed my teaching schedule. Until schools re-open, I am doing Zoom music classes for public and private schools. Homeschooling parents are welcome to organize virtual classes. Email me to set up a music class. I am teaching private & group piano classes virtually.

My preschool classes are all canceled until I'm able to get vaccinated. Once vaccines rollout to 1B and 1C (I am both!), I'll feel safe teaching your children again. Thank you for understanding!


These are standard lesson policies and are derived from the Music Teachers National Association. 

Payment is due in advance by cash, check, Venmo or PayPal, the first lesson of the month.  The tuition fee is $110 per month for four 30-minute lessons.  This is a flat rate.  There is no pro-rating for lessons missed by the STUDENT.  Lessons missed by the teacher will be credited to your account or made up at the teacher's discretion. 


I understand that occasionally you must cancel your child’s lesson due to scheduling conflicts or illness. Please understand, however, that I cannot give refunds on lessons missed by the STUDENT.   Your tuition fee holds your timeslot, much like day-care operates on a flat rate. A missed lesson does not mean a “break” for me. My schedule is full, and I am unable to reschedule any makeup lessons. This is a standard MTNA policy — not me being mean, I promise. 

For the health of other students, please cancel your child’s lesson if s/he is ill. You would not want your child to play the piano immediately after a contagious student had touched it. 


When there are five weeks in a given month, I will usually take one of those days off from teaching. I will let you know in advance which week the studio will be closed.  Occasionally, I have taught FIVE lessons in a month, as a pre-emptive make-up for a lesson I will be absent from in the future. For example, when I know I will be on tour for a couple of weeks, I will try to teach the extra lessons during 5-week months to make up for my missed lesson(s). 


The cost of books and sheet music is the student’s responsibility, and is not included in the tuition fee. Most piano books cost between $7-10. Your student will also eventually need to use a metronome (usually within a few months of the first lesson). You may purchase your own metronome, but there are also plenty of Free Metronome apps for smart phones and iPods that will work just fine. works fine as well, as long as you have a computer near your piano/keyboard. 


Please bring your lesson book and any other current material to each lesson. You are welcome to stay for your child’s lesson if you prefer. I have found over the years, however, that most students are more relaxed when they don’t have an audience. 

Please help your child set aside time each day for practice, but know that you are not at all expected to practice with your child. In fact, s/he is learning to read music on her own, and it is almost always better if they practice by themselves. The first several weeks of learning to read music is challenging, but your student will progress more quickly if they are allowed to make mistakes and learn from them. 

Regular practice is the key to improvement – not talent. At least 15 minutes a day should be set aside for practicing, in the beginning, and 20-30 minutes for students in Book Two and up. Even if your child feels like s/he has completed the weekly song, s/he should keep practicing it..  Make practice a habit, and you will hear beautiful results.  Remember: You do not need to help your child with the actual practice; just please help remind them they need to work on their songs. 


As long as your keyboard has full-size keys, it’s fine to use a keyboard for practice. If you have a piano, please have it tuned at least once a year so your child hears the proper pitches when practicing. A great local tuner is Adam Fiore:  . 

If you would like to discontinue lessons for whatever reason, please give me 3 weeks written notice, so that I can contact my wait list. 


Text message or email is the easiest way to get a message to me. I do not answer my phone while I am teaching. 

Thanks much and let me know if you have any questions! 

Brigid Kaelin