Musician, artist, writer, and recent breast cancer survivor BRIGID KAELIN has played accordion, musical saw and sung with musical legends like Cowboy Jack Clement and Elvis Costello and has performed her original songs on the BBC, A Prairie Home Companion, Nashville Star and many more. She plays several instruments, tours Europe at least once a year, yet remains a staple in the Louisville music scene, occasionally hosting the longtime variety show Kentucky Homefront

Brigid is also one of the world's most virtuosic musical saw players and often records film scores or album overdubs from her home studio in Kentucky, as well as wild saw arrangements like this 30-part saw recording of "Happy Birthday" in a minor key.

As a visual artist, Brigid has paintings hanging in homes across America, as well as in government buildings in Kentucky and Switzerland. She created a painting of the State Capitol for the 62nd Kentucky gubernatorial inauguration. 

As a writer, she's had bylines in Salon, Kveller, ScaryMommy, and she's hard at work on several books. Her first print book, a history of Lakeside Swim Club, will be published by Butler Books in summer 2024. Brigid's blog, The Red Accordion Diaries, shares adventures in travel, whiskey, and parenthood, though she's been writing more often on her PATREON page. 

Both of Brigid's young children are SAG-AFTRA actors, and she spends much of her time taking them to auditions and other adventures.

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