Musical saw player accordion player pianist singer-songwriter in Louisville, Kentucky

Listen to new single hereThanks for a great European tour!

Composer, speaker, artist and whiskey-enthusiast BRIGID KAELIN has played accordion, musical saw and sung with musical heroes like Cowboy Jack Clement and Elvis Costello and has performed on the BBC, A Prairie Home Companion, Nashville Star and more. She plays more than ten instruments, tours Europe at least once a year, yet remains a staple in the Louisville music scene. She spent pandemic selling hand-drawn home portraits, working on a book, having seven surgeries to fight breast cancer and homeschooling her two small children.

As a writer, she's had bylines in Salon, Kveller, ScaryMommy, etc. She authors The Red Accordion Diaries, sharing adventures in travel, whiskey, and motherhood. Louisville, Kentucky, is home ... for now. Please considering supporting her on PATREON.

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