Kentucky-born Brigid Kaelin is a Renaissance woman, excelling as a storyteller, musician, writer and illustrator. Classically-trained on several instruments, she's equally at ease at a Nashville session as she is entertaining crowds in random pubs. 

Highlights of Brigid's career include opening for bands like Jason Isbell  & the 400 Unit, Jack Harlow, Ben Folds Five, Jim James (My Morning Jacket) and Loretta Lynn, being a musical guest on NPR's A Prairie Home Companion, touring Europe annually, being named Louisville's "Best Singer-Songwriter" multiple years, being offered a leading role in a national touring Broadway musical (which she perhaps-foolishly turned down to care for her dying mother), and being a vocal coach to A-list Hollywood actors.

When she's not on stage, Brigid writes the popular blog The Red Accordion Diaries, about everything from tours, traveling, and her newest endeavor: motherhood. 

Brigid plays accordion, piano, musical saw, guitar, ukulele and various other things with strings. A summa cum laude graduate of New York University, she lives in Louisville with her Texan husband and her two children, both SAG-AFTRA film actors more famous than Brigid. She adores the metric system, the NHS, pirate jokes, and she'll do pretty much anything for a transatlantic flight.

A lifetime ago, she worked for CBS News and ran the Green room for the morning show and has all kinds of namedropping stories she could tell you over a dram of whisky including one time when 45 shoved her off a red carpet. 


Louisville singer-songwriter performer bluegrass musician