Kentucky-born Brigid Kaelin is a musician's musician. Classically trained on several instruments, she's equally at ease as a session musician as she is entertaining crowds in random pubs. One day you'll find her singing in a pub in Scotland, and the next day you'll find her playing musical saw for Elvis Costello. 

Her latest album, Those Who Drift Away, was produced by Grammy-nominated Steve Cooley (The Dillards), who also happens to be the best banjo player in the world (we dare you to ask Bela about Steve). Cameos on the new album include award-winning musicians such as fiddler Michael Cleveland and pedal steel player Aaron Bibelhauser. It's a fun throwback to her country roots, but with that redhead sass that Brigid's lyrics provide.

Highlights of Brigid's career include opening for bands like Jason Isbell  & the 400 Unit, Ben Folds Five, Jim James (My Morning Jacket), being a musical guest on NPR's A Prairie Home Companion, touring Europe most years (including spending 18 months living in Scotland living and touring), being named Louisville's "Best Singer-Songwriter" multiple years, and recently being offered a leading role in a national touring Broadway musical (which she perhaps-foolishly turned down to care for her dying mother).  

When she's not on stage, Brigid writes the popular blog The Red Accordion Diaries, about everything from tours, traveling, and her newest endeavor: motherhood. 

Brigid plays accordion, piano, musical saw, guitar, ukulele and various other things with strings. A summa cum laude graduate of New York University, she lives in Louisville with her Texan husband, her son born in Scotland, and her other son, born in her American dining room. She adores the metric system, the NHS, pirate jokes, and she'll do pretty much anything for a transatlantic flight. A lifetime ago, she worked for CBS News and ran the Green room for the morning show and has all kinds of namedropping stories she could tell you over a dram of whisky.