From the recording When St. Paddy's Falls on Purim


Oh a rabbi and a priest, they walked into a feast
And by the time they left they’d had a few.
Father Brady he was noshin’ on a couple hamantaschen
Rabbi Helman filled her belly with some corned beef from the deli

“Now rabbi,” asked the priest (Whose collar was all greased—not a
bit of delicate essin’ did they do),
“Sure you weren’t here for St. Pat’s, then?” “No,” the rabbi said, “Just Purim”
“Well, what do you say you pour ‘em for me and i’ll pour ‘em for you?”

CHOR: And they sang:
Hey folks we made it!
It’s time to celebrate it!
Neither Haman nor the snakes could do us in!
When St. Patty’s falls on Purim
Oy Givalt Faith & Begorr’ I’m gonna
drink till the two line up again!

When the 14th day of Adar meets the 17th of March
That’s the day on which by far the fewest throats will feel a parch
It’s the night to serve Israelis Manischevitz topped with Baileys
And Aunt Peg from Donegal a pat of Kerry Gold on her challah

For it’s then the whole Mishpocha and Macushla and Macree
Have a chance to bend the elbow and a dance to bend the knee
So dressed as esther your ancestor or a wearing o’ the green
Time to toast the Irish Hanukkah and the Jewish Halloween

Spoken: Halloween? Costumes and candy. Hanukkah? It’s always 8 days long!