Accordion Fun with Love Jones

I have 6 tickets left to my send-off show. Buy your tickets here! It's early and will be over by 9pm, and you'll be able to order off the Bard's Town dinner menu, you'll have a seat, and you'll have a good time. Thurs 7/26. #therewillbebirthdaycake

What else is happening?

I have been boycotting shows that have all-male lineups because it's ABSURD to have no women on an entire bill in 2018. I realize that it all goes back to basic sexism from record labels and angel investors -- those people who throw money and publicists and booking agents at male artists. From there it means more male artists on the radio, more male artists at festivals, more male artists at live shows. It's not always the venue's fault either because often it's a promoter who puts on shows at music venues. It's always not always the fault of the particular band who is playing, but men-who-play-in-bands, I BEG OF YOU: please point out to venues/promoters/whoever-was-in-charge when there is a deep inequity of the sexes.

You see, when I call that kind of thing out, people just assume it's sour grapes that I wasn't on the bill or something. It's me being the whiney feminist again, and it's infuriating. You need to step up and point out that the bill is 90% men. (Or let's face it: 100% men.)

I ran into a problem a few weeks ago when I was unexpectedly going to be in town, and a favorite band of mine that only plays Louisville once every 5 years or so, was playing. BUT THE LINEUP WAS ALL MEN! I am not sure if anyone noticed, other than the few band members I complained to, and I'm hoping I haven't ostracized myself from them because I absolutely adore every single member of this band as a human being and not just a band.

I wanted to go to the show... but my boycott!!

I invented a loophole: what if I asked to play accordion in the band? I mean, to be fair, the band actually did ask me to sit in on accordion, but I declined because I was supposed to be out of town. So they were clearly trying to correct the gender problem by asking ...

Anyway, Love Jones is an amazing band full of the best energy and performers I've seen. Everyone should take notes on stage presence, banter and putting on a show. Thank you for letting me play accordion with you all -- can we do it again sometime, please? #bookmorewomen !

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