Backstage at my business!

Running a business while being primary caregiver for two small children is HARD. I knew that prior to my album release (um, HELLO, why else did it take so long to finish???), but, goodness, all the stuff that goes into actually promoting and getting this thing out the door in any sort of smart, business-like manner, is nigh-on impossible without help. Last week in a mental breakdown as I had printed shipping labels, return address labels (that's a thing in America), ordered envelopes, and packaged CDs, signed CDs for those who ordered signed CDs, and agonized over customs forms, well, then I had a wee breakdown over how exactly I would actually get to the Post Office to spend an hour while I had the babies attached to me. A neighbor came over to play with the kids, my amazing husband took a box of sealed envelopes out of my hands and over to the post office, while I hand-delivered CDs to people in my neighborhood.

What I've learned (and had somehow forgotten since the last time I did this) is that the wee little shipping & handling fee in NO WAY actually covers the materials and postage -- particularly not once you include time.

But I don't care because I've shipped out the first round of orders for people who ordered the actual CD.

If you ordered a handwritten lyrics, I have not yet done those for you ... email me which song you'd like? Or if you'd like me to calligraphy "Don't Stop Believin'" instead, that's cool too, I guess. I'm going to the art supply shop to buy some nice paper and fancy pens because I do love beautiful writing supplies.

If you ordered a cover-song recorded on the musical saw (yes, that was an option, and I cannot WAIT to get going on those orders because they are amazing), that's not finished yet, but my plan is to tackle those in August.

For now, I'm focused on Headliners on July 28. There will be seating available -- so many of you have told me you don't love Headliners because you don't want to stand around all night. You shouldn't have to, as we are requesting additional chairs be put out. If you like to mill about, like I do, you'll still be welcome to. I'm getting nervous about filling that room, so would you all please please please consider coming to the show? Doors at 7, music at 8, and I play second. I'm working on an exact time because I know you don't want the babysitter to get any more money than necessary.

This Headliners show is a BIG DEAL though. I'm rehearsing the band, having a few special guests (#Bibelhauser), and Alex Wright is also releasing his new album that night. Basically, we are really, really, really hoping to fill that room -- like 250-people worth of room-fill. Could you help us get there??? I often tell people about shows, but I rarely beg. So today, I'm asking you: please come to that show! I'll have my new album there, as well as some cool merch I'm working on. I've got some pre-sale tickets available at my house ... cash or venmo or paypal or check or card or whatever you like :)

I'm also doing a giveaway. If you got this far along in the blog, you're eligible for a pair of tickets! I'll pick a random winner from anyone who comments on either on my blog or on my Facebook music page -- you can comment anything. An emoji. A Pirate joke. The book you're reading. The next vacation you're planning. A link to your "Things that Make me Happy" Pinterest page (mine really does make me happy). A picture of your puppy. The name of your favorite castle. Whatever, I really don't care -- just hashtag it #headliners728 and i'll know you're interested in a pair of free tickets!

I'll choose the winner at random on Friday, July 14.


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