Love and links.

I'm in the trenches of potty training wee Angus, who has shown all the signs of potty training. Totally glamorous life of a rock star, right? I've also been fired up about gun control and I honestly do want to take away all of your assault rifles because what the hell do you need an assault rifle for?? (Please don't answer that in my blog. You won't convince me. My dad once hid in a walk-in refrigerator for hours while a gunman shot up his workplace. I was sixteen and heard about it on the police radio scanner. This was pre cell phones. The man who gave me my first guitar was murdered that day. Don't talk to me about guns.)

ANYWAY -- clearly I'm fired up. I'm still sorting through travelogues, vlogs, and blogs of our amazing tour in the United Kingdom. But rather than post those today, I thought I'd share some links.

  • Be the Match - bone marrow registry. Sign up. They send you a cheek swab kit in the mail, and you send it right back. It takes less than a minute, and someday, you may be able to literally save a life. A local hero, Emily McCay, whose cloth diaper service we used in the early days with wee Angus, is currently looking for a match after a relapse of leukemia.
  • Speaking of Emily, she's just started a YouTube channel called The Patient Perspective, where she produces videos for patients undergoing extensive medical care. Current topics include "How to Survive a Long Hospital Stay" and "What to include in a care package for someone who is in-patient for chemotherapy." So many of us have loved ones going through cancers and other awful diseases, and this channel provides some new perspective and answers many questions.
  • My mom started a new chemotherapy regimen last week, and here is her CaringBridge website.
  • MORE CHEERFUL links!!! This cancer talk is bumming me out, so how about some stuff that has nothing to do with cancer. Like, my friend in England has this magical talent of starting businesses out of every hobby she picks up, from songwriting to cake design. Here's one of her companies, Abodian Signs, a shop that makes beautiful signs for European homes.

    You can order one to America, but check your local ordinances to make sure the numbers are large enough (my city requires 4" numbers, which don't fit on a sign because my house has 4 digits).
  • Tara Anderson's podcast, "Five Things," is fantastic. If you're in Louisville, you know about it already, but if you're not, there's a small chance you haven't heard of it yet.
  • Candythief, aka Diana de Cabarrus, is releasing new music. I have the album already because I am a Kickstarter/crowdfunder backer. You can get it soon, and if you're in Edinburgh, you can attend the CD launch party on March 30.


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