Mini House concert tour

Buy Me a Coffee at ko-fi.comClarification that it was a mini-tour, not a tour of mini-houses! Truly, the houses we played were just perfect fits for a house concert, even though they were all completely different settings -- just proving that there is not right or wrong setting to host a house concert. Sometimes people move the furniture out of a living room and pile in criss-cross-apple-sauce or bring in folding chairs. Sometimes the show is in a backyard, where everyone brings their own lawn chair. Sometimes people bring their own floats for a poolside show! Sometimes the show is in a "great room" where introverts can hide in the kitchen, and everyone else scatters about on furniture, folding chairs, and the floor.

Steve and I have had a blast doing these house concert tours, mostly because of the intimacy and the people we meet. There's always time for Q&A -- for us, that generally centers around the banjo and the saw, though I get the occasional accordion lesson in their too. One of our shows went from house concert to singalong, with the host bringing out his own guitar, campfire style!

It was a blast. Thank you to the brave hosts who had never hosted before, but who absolutely nailed it. Host more of them -- I'd come as a guest.

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