Road trip adventures & a send-off show!

It's been 2 weeks! We've had some adventures in that time -- some amazingly fun and some not so fun (tell you about that another time). Kansas City called, and we enjoyed a few days in a very fancy hotel there -- mostly spent at the pool. The little guys and I drove and met David in KC, so we took our time and spent a night in St. Louis along the way. We rolled in just in time to go to the City Museum, a place I can't wait to take them back to when they're older. There was plenty to do for the littles, but WOW would they have a blast when they're old enough to explore without fear of getting lost.

The kids and David and our amazing au pair went on to Texas to spend some time with D's family in Lubbock, but I flew back to work and help out my parents with some things.

I'm also obsessing over our upcoming trip to Switzerland and the festival show I'll be playing while I'm there. We'll also be in Salzburg during the Salzburg Festival, which, if you'll recall, is the festival where the Von Trapp family sang "So Long, Farewell," and then missed their curtain call because they were running away from the Nazis!

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Also, and I know in show business you're supposed to lie about your age, but I never have (so people probably think I'm older than I am because they assume I'm lying, hmmmmm) ... I turn FORTY just before the trip! Yee haw -- I can't wait.

I'm bringing a new trio (a guitarist + a harmony singer/percussionist + me!) to play the festival in Switzerland, and you've never seen this lineup before.

We are doing a send-off show -- a dress rehearsal for the big festival, if you will -- on Thursday, July 26, at the Bard's Town. It's an early show, and it's almost sold-out. Please get tickets in advance! I suspect there will be birthday cake.



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