Solution to missing socks & sorting socks & other things that waste my time.

Since our Brazilian au pair has arrived, I've encountered all kinds of fun cultural differences -- some funny stories, like "what is a dishwasher" and silly Americans driving 2 blocks to the grocery.  My favorite is the tale of Saci, who has now taken the place of "the troll" that lives in our house. You know the one -- the reason you can't find your keys or why the butter dish moved back into the refrigerator but no one admits they did it, or perhaps most importantly, the answer to where the other sock went. You see, Saci is a one-legged boy, so not only is he a sneaky trickster, but he only needs one sock at a time.

We have started blaming everything on Saci, and it's become hilarious.

One problem I've mostly solved, however, is THE SOCK PROBLEM (and also the underwear problem when you have 2 little boys who wear tiny underwear):

Lingerie bags!

Each member of our family now has their own lingerie bag, with a different color zipper so bags are never mixed up. When dirty socks come off, BOTH SOCKS GO ON THE LINGERIE BAG (and the boys put their underwear in their too). When it's time for washing, the entire bag goes in the machine, so Saci never has a chance to steal any socks.

I haven't lost a sock in months!

Not that I really care because matching socks are for time-wasters anyway. For me the best part is knowing whose tiny little socks and underwear are whose -- and if someone else is putting the laundry away (which actually happens because our au pair is the best), she doesn't have to check the labels for size. If it's from the yellow zipper bag, it's the little guy, and if it's from the purple bag, it's the kindergartener.


  • buy 2 of each bag, so as soon as you toss one sock-filled lingerie bag in the machine, there is another bag eagerly awaiting socks. 
  • Buy little hooks to hang the bag on a doorknob or bookshelf or desk, or dresser hook, or whereever your dirty clothes hamper lies.
  • Don't try to force your husband to play along, and also do not do his laundry. (David doesn't play along with my little sock-solution.)

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